Antique postcard 1900s. French artist Liane de Vriès in glitter costume

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Belle Époque actress in costume. 1900s
1 Antique French cabaret postcard with actress Liane de Vriès in scene costume decorat with silver and purple glitter.
Never used before.


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Liane de Vriès (L’H. Paris)
This list is for 1 portrait of 1900s cabaret artist Liane de Vriès in a glitter outfit, wearing an asymmetrical scene dress

Condition: never used before, very good antique condition.
Dimensions: about 9 cm x 14 cm (common measure for antique cards).
Technique: b/w photo print, hand colored with fine lines of silver and purple glitter.

This list is for 1 ORIGINAL 1900s postcard, not a scan or facsimile.

Actress in the card is Liane de Vriès (active 1895-1912)

Liande de Vriès was first hired when she was just 20 years old in Marseille, in 1885. In 1895 she was already a famous demi-mondaine. At that time she was hired by Édouard Marchand, director of La Scala. Then she was hired for high salaries in many famous theaters. She plays, among others, at the Folies Marginy; at the Folies Bergère; at Olympia; in Eldorado; on the Apollo; at the Alhambra Theater in London; at the Trianon in Florence; in Saint Petersburg (1895, 1896, 1897, 1901 and 1909); at Hugo’s concert in Bucharest; at the Ronacher establishment in Vienna; at the Gärtner-Theater in Munich; at the Hansa-Theater in Hamburg; in Frankfurt and in the Wintergarten in Berlin. Her performance in the latter theater made her famous throughout the world.

She was romantically linked to Suzanne Derval. One of the latest news from her says that in 1910, she was the heir of Baron Hermann Otto von Widerhofer, who died in a duel on February 27. It is unknown if she actually enjoyed the inheritance. One of the last articles about her mentions that she was on vacation in Munich in the summer of 1912.


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Antique postcard 1900s. French artist Liane de Vriès in glitter costume
18,00 VAT included