Are Old Postcards Collectible? The Charm of Vintage Postcards

Are Old Postcards Collectible? Old postcards are collectible due to their vast range, appealing to collectors of all kinds. Beginners can easily start an inexpensive collection, while experienced enthusiasts can pursue iconic postcards. The Charm of Vintage Postcards What Makes Postcards Valuable Types of Collectible Antique Postcards In the list below there are types of … Read more

The Friendship, Love, and Rivalry Among Demimondaines

When you think of the term “demimondaine” you’re likely to imagine a seductive and scandalous woman. However, these women were much more than that. Demi-mondaines were women who lived in the upper echelon of society and had close relationships with one another. They often collaborated on projects and socialized together. However, despite their close friendships, … Read more

Types of Vintage Postcards

Art Nouveau postacards Arjalew Paris

The postcard remains popular even in the digital age. They are a fun and easy way to stay in touch or communicate. However, the postcard that we are familiar with today took a long time to develop.  There are a great way to understand the past as noted by Ostman. Today deitology or the collection … Read more

French aristocratic weddings in the 19th century

France’s nobility was decimated during the Revolution. This led to dramatic changes in every aspect of their lives. Their weddings and marriages were to be quite different after the Revolution to what they had been before. The nobles of the Ancient Regime had become notorious for their decadence and lavish lifestyles, especially their weddings. This … Read more

Victoria and Albert Wedding

Queen Victoria was the most powerful monarch in her age. Actually, an entire age was named after her: the Victorian Age, such was her power. The Queen was also something of a fashion icon like other Royals in the 19th century. Her marriage to Prince Albert was one of the most important of all time … Read more

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