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The boudoir was a room in the house that women could retreat to when they were upset and needed some time alone. Luckily, women fairly early made the room their own.

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Can-can & Froufrou

Demimondaines were often very beautiful and stylish and attended all the best parties and events. They were also usually quite educated and well-spoken.

Langage des Fleurs

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We Have Cleaned the Time So You Just Receive the History

Antique items may be in very different conservation states. We have carefully restored them so that they are ready to use.

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The Magic of Vintage Shopping

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Life today is stressful, and many dream about the good ol’ days that passed, with no car traffic, no constant messages on the phone, and even, no Covid-19 pandemic.

To every one of us, the term good ol’ days means something different, and maybe, just maybe, every once in a while, we even think about time travel.

Vintage shopping is one way of doing it, and

HandkiesHandkisses is the door you need to go to the 19th century.

The 19th century was a fascinating time.

The art, culture, and music were booming with painters such as Paul Cézanne, John Everett Millais and Helen Allingham, and many others as well as composers such as Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, and Franz Shubert, laying the foundation of most of our music today.

Human thought was also rapidly advancing, with philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, John Stuart Mill, and even Karl Marx, all paving the way for what would become the world today. Feminism was born in the 19th century. And technology? Most of the things we know, and love today, came from the 19th century.
From the West of the USA to the East of Japan, inventions propelled the world to previously unimaginable heights, and Europe was at the center of it all; European food, European clothes, even European languages, and the way of life spread all across the world.

France, Great Britain, Germany, and many others experienced a golden age. It was an age that just gave us invention after invention, photography, recording of sound (phonograph), telephones, usable electricity, and finally even automobiles, all of which we practically couldn’t live without now. It truly was, a beautiful time.

Have you ever wondered about the ordinary people of the era? What were those people wearing, doing, even thinking?

19th-Century Antiques Are Products That Stand Out

There was the old nobility, in their villas with servants, dressed in finest clothes, sure. On the other hand, thousands and afterward, tens of thousands of people would leave their small home towns and villages and come to work in the big cities. After coming to the anonymity of the city life, their clothes were the only thing that made them stand out. Most people wanted and got high-quality clothes. Some would get rich, and it was the same for them, the most important part of being rich, was getting to afford better, more luxurious, and most importantly, more high-quality clothes.

Researching the era, you will dream of big balls filled with people dancing in extravagant dresses, people smoking their pipes in their tall hats and tuxedos, and the middle-class who tried their best to get the best they could afford.

With our antique boutique, we want to bring to you the feeling of being in the era, the romance, the touch of soft long clothes on your skin, the beautiful and mystical headdresses.

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Why 1850 – 1920?

Historians have a theory that the centuries don’t last as long as we think they do. They divided centuries into short and long ones. As is only logical, after a long century, a short century will follow. They go on to say that the 19th century was a long one, how and why? The events of the 19th century, along with the culture of the same, would continue, until the end of World War I.

That is why we decided to also include the start of the 20th century in our antique boutique. You could see (and even wear) the clothes that ladies would wear while writing to their loved ones, or while claiming the rights in the streets.

Did you ever think about what the first feminists, like Alexandra Collontai and Wilhelmina Drucker were wearing when marching, hand in hand, with other women, fighting for the right to vote?

Do not think of our antique shop as just a buy antique site. Our goal is to give you history, your history.
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